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John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

John Morris Scientific specialises in the supply, installation and servicing of laboratory instrumentation and consumables. They are your exclusive source for: Gilson pipettes; Sigma centrifuges; Christ freeze dryers; Julabo heaters and chillers; Milestone microwave digesters; Fritsch grinders and mills as well as Cole-Parmer and Masterflex products.

Phone: 1800 251 799
Fax: 02 9417 8855
61-63 Victoria Avenue , Chatswood NSW 2067 (Directions)


John Morris Scientific Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps for dairy products

Masterflex peristaltic pumps are suitable for the processing of dairy products such as ice-cream, butter and yoghurt.

Brookfield system for testing chocolate flow properties

The Brookfield DV3T Rheometer, Small Sample Adapter and a Circulating Water Bath provide a suitable system for testing chocolate samples.

John Morris Scientific TA-NTF Noodle Tensile Fixture for CT3 Texture Analyser

John Morris Scientific has released the TA-NTF Noodle Tensile Fixture for use with the Brookfield CT3 Texture Analyser.

John Morris Scientific 90° peel fixture for use with the Brookfield CT3 tester

John Morris Scientific has released a 90° peel fixture for use with the Brookfield CT3 tester. The device measures the adhesion force between two materials.

Julabo Presto A30, A40 and W40 temperature control systems

The Julabo range of Presto temperature control systems includes the air-cooled A30 and A40 and the water-cooled W40. The units have been specifically designed for highly precise, temperature control applications as well as rapid temperature changes, making them suitable for reactor vessels, material stress tests or temperature simulations.

Atago PAL-Alpha pocket refractometer

Atago’s PAL-Alpha refractometer is suitable for almost any food sample and has a Brix measurement range of 0.0 to 85%. Measurement values are displayed within 3 s.

Atago RX-5000i automatic digital refractometer

The Atago RX-5000i is an automatic digital refractometer for the measurement of refractive index, Brix and various liquid concentrations. The RX-5000i has a measurement accuracy level of Brix ±0.03% and refractive index ±0.00004, and offers the additional convenience of touch-screen navigation and USB port. There are also four levels of access control, the ability to add user-defined scales and the ability to recall the last 500 measurements.

Milk composition analysis

Advanced Instruments' Combi-Scope Analyser is a reliable system that performs both milk composition analysis and somatic cell counting for rapid milk testing in dairy laboratories.


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