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JBT Electric Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven

This electric oven offers the benefits of conventional cooking solutions while allowing for renewable energy to be used in the heating process.


READYGo LIQUIFUSION Tanks are designed to combine blending, dispersion, emulsification, heating and cooling operations, which are normally spread across a range of different machinery.

JBT LVS QuickDry system for industrial spiral freezers

JBT has launched the LVS QuickDry, a system for fast drying of industrial spiral freezers after cleaning, helping save hours of time attempting to take moisture out of freezers after defrosting.

JBT Corporation SteriCompact UHT system

JBT Corporation has launched the SteriCompact processing system, which has been adapted to meet demand for smaller pack sizes.

JBT Corporation next-generation Fresh'n Squeeze Juicer

JBT Corporation has launched the next generation of the Fresh'n Squeeze Multi Fruit Juicer that delivers a faster, more attractive and easy-to-operate version of the classic system.

JBT High Capacity Unifiller

JBT's High Capacity Unifiller is designed to fill 1500 containers/min.

JBT DSI 800 Pork Belly Processing System

The DSI 800 Pork Belly Processing System automatically inspects, trims and sorts pork bellies by employing sophisticated software combined with a machine vision system and high-pressure water jets.

JBT Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven

The Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven is an all-in-one oven solution featuring high capacity, uniform temperature and good roasting capabilities.

JBT Corporation Fresh'n Squeeze juicer

JBT Corporation has launched the Fresh'n Squeeze Multi Fruit Juicer for its high-grade fruit juice system.

JBT FoodTech SeamTec for Powder

JBT's SeamTec for Powder creates closures for metal or composite double-seamed cans used for packing infant formula, milk powder, instant coffee, chocolate or sports drinks powder.

JBT FoodTech Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 60 Spiral Freezer

The Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 60 Spiral Freezer replaces the GYRoCOMPACT M6 and Classic 600 Spiral Freezers. It is more compact and is said to offer a 65% reduction in drive power compared to the previous generation.

JBT FoodTech Smart Dryer system

JBT FoodTech’s Smart Dryer system for curing produce coatings is an automated monitoring program that works with JBT’s Single Pass Dryer to maintain even heat distribution and improve energy efficiency.

JBT FoodTech Single Pass Dryer and Smart Dryer system

Fresh fruits and vegetables are washed and sanitised after they are harvested - a process that enhances food safety but can remove the natural wax coating from the produce surface. To lock in moisture and maintain freshness of the produce, a postharvest protective coating typically is applied. Two critical aspects in the coating application process ensure that the entire surface of the fruit or vegetable is covered evenly and that the coating is thoroughly dried and set. Without uniform setting or curing of the coating, moisture in the produce can evaporate and cause dehydration, which can quickly deteriorate the overall quality of the produce and impact its marketability.


JBT FoodTech has developed the Flofreeze A to aid small- to medium-scale processors in meeting the growing demand for premium food products while maintaining cost-efficient plant operations. Fluidisation is the key to the individually quick-freezing (IQF) abilities of Flofreeze, in which products behave like a fluid because they are suspended by refrigerated air that flows from underneath the perforated belt or tray.


JBT increases presence in fresh-cut equipment market

JBT has purchased Netherlands-based FTNON, a leading equipment specialist for the fresh produce, ready meal and pet food sectors.

JBT buys into powder filling

JBT Corporation has purchased an English provider of powder filling systems, PLF International, for £28 million.

JBT pays $160 million for Tipper Tie

JBT has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Tipper Tie for US$160 million (before customary post-closing adjustments) with the sale expected to be completed this year.



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