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Arrow Scientific Pty Ltd

Arrow Scientific offer a unique range of QA/QC testing for HACCP. We have tests for bacteria, verifying sanitation, temperature, pH, GMP training, hand wash training, chlorine, refractometers, salt, melting point, texture analysis, sensory analysis, closure torque and more.

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Arrow Scientific AgraStrip Lupin Test Kits

Arrow Scientific has added lupin to its extensive range of allergen test kits that can be used for testing ingredients, food contact surfaces and equipment or final products.

Arrow Scientific food safety test equipment

Arrow Scientific offers a wide range of smart tools to effectively manage food microbiology and monitor HACCP systems to ensure food safety.

Arrow Scientific Romer Agrastrip Gluten G12 test strip

Arrow Scientific's Romer Agrastrip Gluten G12 test strip has received AOAC performance tested certification. The monoclonal antibody G12 is used to make a lateral flow device for on-site factory testing.

Stable Micro Systems TA.XTPlus Texture Analyser

Stable Micro Systems' TA.XTPlus Texture Analyser features completely programmable test sequences, long file names, true stress-strain ability, additional multichannel data acquisition and complete integration with any Windows-compatible program.

AgraStrip Peanut contamination test kit

The AgraStrip Peanut is a lateral-flow device for on-site factory testing for the detection of this potentially life-threatening allergen in food, rinse waters and environmental swabs.

Arrow Scientific RapidCheck Salmonella test

RapidChek Salmonella is a simple, reliable and highly affordable testing solution for processors testing food or environmental samples for the presence of Salmonella.

Stable Micro Systems Ice Cream Cone Support Rig

Measuring key textural parameters such as brittleness, toughness and crispiness, the Ice Cream Cone Support Rig reliably informs cone formulation and design for optimum consumer acceptance and product success.

Half-day allergen management seminar

If you struggle to keep on top of allergen management and meet the growing demands of customers and auditors then Arrow Scientific’s half-day seminar may suit you.

AgraStrip Gluten G12 test kit for gluten

Arrow Scientific has launched the AgraStrip Gluten G12 kit for verifying cleaning of equipment and surfaces to prevent gluten cross-contamination.

3M Attest rapid readout biological indicators system

The 3M Attest rapid readout biological indicators (BIs) test sterility by challenging the steriliser with a highly resistant dry bacterial spore strip (Geobacillus stearothermophilus) in a plastic vial.

Arrow Scientific Aerobic Procedure for Lactic Acid Bacteria

Developed in collaboration with 3M and Kraft Foods, Arrow Scientific has available the Aerobic Procedure for Lactic Acid Bacteria test.

Arrow Scientific doHACCP software

doHACCP software can be used to prepare HACCP plans to coordinate the many details required to make food safely.

3M Flip-Top 9 mL (PWS) dilution tubes

The 3M Flip-Top 9 mL (PWS) dilution tubes supplied with sterile, ready-to-use dilution fluid are suitable for food, water and environmental microbiology testing laboratories.

Arrow Scientific FeedChek test for detecting MBM in cattle feed

The FeedChek test is designed to detect MBM in cattle feed to assist users to comply with regulations to prevent the spread of mad cow disease.

Quantab Chloride strips for salt content determination

Quantab salt is a simple method for measuring salt in food using reagent plastic strips. Only basic equipment and training is required.

Biosystèmes Fizz sensory software

Fizz sensory software from Biosystèmes can be used for quality assurance, R&D and consumer testing. It is a computer tool that allows for fast sensory test session planning and organisation, provides automated data collection and storage, and also assists with result computation.

3M Petrifilm Aqua Plates

3M Food Safety has launched the Petrifilm Aqua Plates which have been designed for testing bottled water in beverage and food processing plants.

Arrow Scientific Dicromat salt analyser

The Dicromat salt analyser provides food processors with a rapid method to monitor levels of salt in food product having salt included as a preservative or as a flavouring.

3M Petrifilm compact, sample-ready bacteria testing plates

The Petrifilm compact, sample-ready bacteria testing plates allow food processors to easily and efficiently do their own on-site microbial testing.

Swabbing Techniques for Sampling the Environment and Equipment training program

The Swabbing Techniques for Sampling the Environment and Equipment technician training program can assist technicians adhere to scientifically proven techniques, ensure the integrity of samples and generate consistent microbiological data.

Arrow Scientific GreenLight food safety tests range

The GreenLight range of food safety tests provide easy, same-day detection and enumeration of bacteria in food samples by measuring bacterial oxygen consumption (bacterial respiration) and equating oxygen consumption to microbial load.

Tiscor InspectNTrack HACCP software

The Tiscor InspectNTrack HACCP software, suitable for compliance-based inspections, assists users to schedule, track and document all activities.

Waco can quality testing equipment

The range of Waco can quality testing equipment includes video seam monitors, can seam thickness gauges, score groove for pop-up openers, countersink depth, flange width, can strippers, enamel raters and the Accuseam 2000 computerised double seam control system for food or beverage cans.

Charm PocketSwab ATP test

The Charm PocketSwab ATP test is used by food and beverage manufacturers, hospitals and other industries where rapid detection of possible food contamination is critical. It allows users to quickly determine the cleaning efficiency and hygienic status of food contact surfaces, ensure product quality and reduce costs of cleaning.

Arrow Scientific GlutenTox tests

GlutenTox is claimed to offer the latest generation of tests for gluten, harmful to coeliac disease sufferers.

Idaho Technology Rapid LT real-time PCR

The Rapid LT is a real-time PCR instrument capable of analysing samples for the presence of targeted nucleic acid sequences.

Antibiotic residue testing in milk

Charm's ROSA (Rapid One Step Assay) platform tests can be read visually, equipment needs are minimal and test time can be as low as three minutes.

Real-time PCR

The R.A.P.I.D. LT is a real-time PCR instrument from Arrow Scientific capable of analysing samples for the presence of targeted nucleic acid sequences.The complete system is said to provide the easiest end-to-end PCR protocol and is the only AOAC-approved post-enrichment pooling protocol.

AOAC-RI validated E. coli O157:H7 test

Idaho Technology (ITI) has been granted Performance Tested Methods Status by the AOAC Research Institute (Certificate No 100901) for its E. coli O157:H7 test used with the RAPID LT Food Security System (FSS). The assay uses real-time PCR technology to identify the presence of E. coli O157:H7 in raw ground beef and uncooked spinach food samples.

Aseptic sampling system

The sterility control of food product can be monitored using the QMI Tru-Test aseptic sampling system.

Cocoa bean winnower

In cocoa and chocolate manufacture, the dehulling of cocoa beans and preventing nib loss is an important step in order to ensure maximum yield. An optimally functioning dehulling plant ensures clean separation of the nibs and shell.

Small-scale cocoa bean winnower

Bottom Line Technologies has built a small-scale winnower and the first system is being installed at The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The winnower is suitable for artisan chocolate makers or for R&D.



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