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ABB Australia Pty Ltd

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 115,000 people.

Phone: 03 8544 0000
Fax: 03 8544 0001
601 Blackburn Road , Notting Hill VIC 3168 (Directions)


ABB GoFa collaborative robot

See ABB's new award-winning GoFa collaborative robot at AUSPACK 2022.

ABB Ability System 800xA Sugar Library

ABB has released ABB Ability System 800xA Sugar Library, the newest version of its sugar application library, with new functionalities to act as a control engineering inventory for sugar manufacturing.

ABB NeoGear digital switchgear

ABB extends its IEC low-voltage switchgear portfolio with the launch of its NeoGear 4-pole and upcoming 690 V versions.

ABB ProcessMaster and CoriolisMaster PoE flowmeters

ABB has incorporated power supply through Ethernet connectivity on board its electromagnetic flowmeter ProcessMaster and mass flowmeter CoriolisMaster.

ABB Ability Liquid Routing Library

ABB Ability Liquid Routing Library provides a control engineering inventory for food and beverage manufacturers and those in other liquid-related industries.

ABB Dodge Food Safe mounted ball bearings

ABB's Dodge Food Safe mounted ball bearings are designed to withstand caustic, high-pressure cleaning and sanitation processes.

ABB YuMi single-arm collaborative robot

ABB has developed a single-arm YuMi to expand its collaborative robot range.

ABB general-purpose ACS580 variable speed drives

ABB's general-purpose ACS580 variable speed drives offer plug-in simplicity, protection options for harsh environments and connectivity with smartphone apps for advanced services.

ABB IRC5C second-generation compact industrial robot controller

The IRC5C second-generation compact industrial robot controller is a fully fledged member of the IRC5 family of industrial robot controllers. It comes equipped with the majority of the functionality and benefits of its larger counterpart; but in a smaller footprint.

ABB Automation Builder development software suite

ABB’s Automation Builder provides an integrated development environment for control and motion systems based on PLCs, safety PLCs, robotics, motion control and related automation components.

ABB IRB 360 FlexPicker pick-and-place robot

ABB has increased the IRB 360 FlexPicker’s top payload from 3 to 8 kg. Designed for both picking and packing applications, the robot can pick up heavier items, handling up to 100 cycles/min.

ABB IRB 1600 robot

ABB has expanded the capabilities of its IRB 1600 robot, which is designed for a range of industrial applications such as machine tending, material handling, arc welding and cutting applications.

ABB IRB 460 compact palletising robot

ABB’s IRB 460 compact palletising robot is claimed to be the fastest of its kind. The 4-axis robot’s small footprint makes it suitable for fitting into existing packing lines.

ABB IRB120T robot

The IRB120T is a variant of the IRB120 robot that reduces cycle times by up to 25%.

ABB IRB120T compact industrial robot

ABB has released the IRB120T compact industrial robot, suitable for pick and place applications in the food and beverage packing industries.

Coriolis FCB300 and FCB350 mass flowmeters

The FCB300 and FCB350 have been added to the CoriolisMaster family of direct mass flow measurement products, providing accurate measurements of multiple variables with a compact device. The flowmeters measure flow (mass and volume with accuracies to 0.1%), density, concentration and temperature.

ABB PalletPack 460 robotic palletising system

ABB has launched the PalletPack 460, a pre-engineered package of robotic palletising components that has been designed specifically for high-speed, end-of-processing-line palletising.The system consists of an IRB 460 robot; a Flex-Gripper (either the claw or one-zone clamp gripper); a control PLC; a safety PLC; PalletWare support software; user documentation; and the FlexPendant featuring an easy-to-use graphical human machine interface.

ABB IRB 120 multipurpose cleanroom industrial robot

ABB has launched a cleanroom version of its multipurpose industrial robot. The six-axis IRB 120 minimises the potential for contamination of the manufacturing area and the components being processed.

ABB motor and gear unit packages

ABB has released a comprehensive offer of motor and gear unit packages that enables robot integrators to create custom solutions for work piece positioners, robot carriers, track motions, servo guns and indexing conveyers. The motor and gear units are designed to optimise cost-efficiency and performance and to simplify integration and operation.

ABB IRB 2600 multi-purpose robots

ABB’s IRB 2600 multi-purpose robot features an optimised, compact design that offers a high payload capacity of up to 20 kg and a very wide working range.

Pick-and-place robot

The FlexPicker IRB 360 is a second-generation, high-speed picking robot that claims faster processing and faster payback for packaging applications. The robot offers the ability to handle heavier objects and accommodate the mass of increasingly sophisticated grippers required in handling diverse products. The IRB 360 is the second-generation delta robot solution for precision pick-and-place applications. It features high speed, high payload, accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Industrial drives

ABB has launched the ACS850 drive module which features an in-built energy saving calculator, embedded Modbus and drive-to-drive link, intelligent user interface with a series of assistant wizards, integrated safety functions, modular hardware and software, and a removable memory unit.

Energy-efficient pump and fan drive

ABB has released a low-voltage AC drive that has been specifically targeted at pump and fan applications. The addition to the ABB standard drive family ranges from 0.37 to 22 kW.

ABB Pick-and-place robot

ABB Australia’s second-generation FlexPicker robot, the IRB 360, is more productive with increased speed, higher payload and a smaller footprint than its predecessors.

Robot control

ABB has enhanced its IRC5 controller operating system with the release of RobotWare 5.10.

Robotic partnering

Recognising that few plant engineers within manufacturing companies have the prerequisite skills to integrate robots into existing and new plant, ABB Robotics has established its Partner Network of experienced experts in robotics and automation integration.

Six-axis robot

ABB has released a backwards bending, six-axis robot.


ABB appoints A1 Electric as distributor for energy-efficient product

ABB Australia has announced it has appointed A1 Electric Motors as its new National Distribution Partner for its energy-efficient offering.

Keep production lines going while working from home

During this unprecedented crisis, ABB is helping its customers with key software to keep production lines going while many are working from home.

Unpacking a global standard for food manufacturers

Food manufacturers are coming under increasing pressure to do their bit for the environment by reducing packaging, yet the importance of food safety is paramount.

Robotic ice-cream store opened in Melbourne this week

Salted caramel, rocky road, vanilla and many more flavours will be served by a team of collaborative robots at the Niska store in Melbourne. View the video...

Reducing food waste with standardised expiry date labels

Standardising expiry date labels and implementing traceability software could greatly reduce food wastage in the food and beverage industry.

ABB's new leader for food and beverage operations

Darcy Simonis will lead ABB's food and beverage operations in the position of Industry Network Leader.

ABB is getting into 3D inspection

ABB has just acquired NUB3D so it can expand its portfolio of ABB Ability solutions that connect users to the Industrial Internet of Things.

Australia welcomes YuMi the collaborative robot

ABB has announced that its YuMi collaborative robot is now available in Australia.

ABB to acquire Bob White Electrix and LE Jarvis

ABB Australia has acquired Bob White Electrix and LE Jarvis for an undisclosed amount as part of a strategy to broaden its motor and generator repair and service business in Australia. ABB anticipates the acquisition will close in July.



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