Technology creates cattle feed from food waste

Thursday, 08 October, 2015

Technology creates cattle feed from food waste

A Mexican company has patented technology to extract nutrients from the organic waste generated by hotels and restaurants and transform them into a main ingredient for cattle food.

Veterinarian and Biotectra founder Luis Jose Gaviño Cruz has developed a technology that kills viruses and bacteria from food waste, and processes it to obtain an ingredient that is added to animal food.

Gaviño Cruz said the process is patented as a microbiological activator, which is added to the mixture of waste and promotes the development of acidophilus bacteria and fungi. This promotes a healthy environment in the intestine of the animal and reinforces its immune system, leaving the pH at the correct level to destroy viruses and bacteria that harm animals.

When subjected to the microbiological process, the bacteria unfold the nutrients from the organic waste to make them more digestible for the animals. This process breaks the bonds and makes the structural sugars digestible, so when a pig or a cow consume the foods, they will obtain a greater amount of nutrients.

Biotectra set the goal of creating a rapid fermentation process which will create a finished product in 72 hours that can be consumed by animals. The development team also wanted to reduce the practice of feeding animals with grains or seeds that can be used for human consumption.

According to Gaviño Cruz, the firm has managed to reduce the production cost of livestock feed by 30–50%, depending on the type of waste and the animal to be fed.

The company uses products rich in protein — such as waste turkey or chicken sausage, dairy, fruit and pastries — usually waste from hotels and restaurants. When the food is intended for ruminants, they work with waste from fruits, vegetables, chicken or fish.

In its raw state, organic waste represents a health problem for municipalities, as well as for the animals that ingest it. “We help companies in the food branch to dispose of their waste safely and the government to have an alternative that allows them to eliminate it,” the founder of Biotectra concluded.

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