Sirane increases mushroom shelf life

Monday, 03 June, 2013

Sirane has reportedly increased the shelf life of mushrooms by seven days by using its Sira-Flex Resolve range of bags and films. Mushrooms packed with the company’s film showed no browning and no condensation following the trial, the company said.

“The films worked well in the trials with the breathable pulp-tray punnets that mushrooms are often packed in. There was absolutely no browning, no condensation, and the mushrooms touching the film was not a problem, which it is using other types of film,” said Sandra Evans, sales manager for fresh produce.

“We also have a new product coming soon which could extend this shelf life even further. A new pad is about to be launched by Sirane which will inhibit bacteria growth. These two solutions could help retailers keep their mushrooms fresher for longer.”

Sira-Flex Resolve has been designed to strike a balance between humidity control and O2 and CO2 permeability. The permeability is temperature dependent so that the ideal atmosphere is maintained inside the pack, even if the storage temperature is variable.

The product is suitable for all types of vegetables, including salads, as well as many types of fresh fruit. The fully compostable film is a natural, plant-derived polymer.

The company had good results with brassicas in trials conducted in 2012.

Shelf-life extension is a hot topic in the UK, especially in light of the Courtauld Commitment - Phase 3, which aims to reduce waste in the grocery supply chain by 3%, as well as household food and drink waste by 5%.

“Courtauld 3 wants retailers to ensure packaging develops and evolves,” said Simon Balderson, MD of Sirane. “Not only is it possible to reduce packaging waste significantly, but it’s also possible to reduce food waste significantly with more advanced packaging.

“Many companies may look at Courtauld 3 and think it will cost them more money, but using more advanced technology can actually save companies money in the long run, as they’ll get money back from reduced discounting, wastage and returns.”

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