Production process control

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The ScanPlant IT-system enables users to achieve full control over production processes, identify problems before they escalate, track and trace every item and manage stock etc.

The ScanPlant system is designed to form a link between the overall ERP system and the shop-floor data collection system.

ScanPlant provides meat processing companies with reliable, real-time and accurate data on the shop-floor operation. However, Scanvaegt goes a step further and offers individually trimmed solutions to each user.

The ScanPlant system is based on the control of five key indicators: yield, throughput, giveaway, quality and food safety, stock movements.

With ScanPlant Scanvaegt makes it possible to obtain the control of real-time yield and the current utilisation of the plant's capacity. Even small deviations are costly and ScanPlant reduces these to a minimum while providing a real-time control of the quality and food safety of the process line. By adding stock movements to the comprehensive control ScanPlant optimises the production and reduces stock costs.

ScanPlant also offers an advanced alarm function that can broadcast via either website, mobile phone and/or PDAs.

The flexible ScanPlant system is offering the following modules: Pack & Label - handling of the various processes within packing and labelling; Performance Analyser - analysis of trends and relations from production data; Performance Monitor - presentation of dynamic and up-to-the-minute critical production data; Track & Trace - supporting forward and backward traceability; Food Safety Module - supporting quality control concepts such as HACCP; Order Execution - supporting detailed planning of orders; Stock Management - controlling stock automatically; Data Collection - for collecting data and integrating with eg, ERP systems; Hardware Controls & Management - communicating with other process equipment; Recipe Control - controlling ingredients and recipe versions; and Reporting Module - providing reports on all production processes.

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