Natec Network M4E magnet emulsion technology

Friday, 14 May, 2021 | Supplied by: Gold Peg International Pty Ltd

Using magnetic forces to continuously disperse ingredients, the M4E technology from Natec Network can provide a cost-effective method for creating stable emulsions and lump-free powder dispersions.

It works by combining turbulent flow conditions, inducing the LORENTZ force from a permanent magnetic field. This force intensifies the spinning and colliding effect of powder particles or oil droplets, resulting in particle deformation and break-up.

The technology is designed to improve not only efficiency but also product stability, with no separation or lumps, and increased gel viscosity or emulsion stability via a thorough, fast, single pass.

By pumping liquid through the device, a vacuum is created (known as ‘Venturi’). The vacuum causes the powder to aspire and move into the liquid phase. Once in contact with water or oil, powders tend to coagulate and create a lumpy consistency, but using the M4E technology, the mixture passes through the device creating consistently dissolved dispersions.

Features include: simple, fast and efficient process; no moveable parts; good dispersion/emulsion with smaller particle size; no molecular breakdown; used for batch and/or continuous processes (depending application); permanent magnet — no electrical power needed; flexibility for a range of products with particulates up to 2–3 mm (without destroying them); no maintenance and easy to clean with CIP; and small footprint — easy to integrate.

Other benefits include: reduced energy costs/increased savings; higher yield/reduced raw material consumption such as thickeners (starches, hydrocolloids); and reduced production time.

The technology is suitable for emulsions and dispersions required in the food, cosmetics, healthcare and chemical industries. Foods that can benefit from the technology include: processed cheese, reconstituted cheese, vegan/analogue cheese; soups, sauces and dressings, mayonnaise; meat products; fruits and vegetables; baby food; specialty food, beverages; and pet food.

The technology can be retrofitted to replace a shear pump, added to an existing line or included in a new line with a RotaTherm continuous cooker or ShearTherm batch cooker.

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