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The IQF Frost AB OctO-Frost freezer is suitable for freezing vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat and pasta at 300 to 3000 kg per hour. OctO-Frost can maintain the separ-ation of very sticky products such as banana or high sugar content mango and safely freeze delicate products like raspberry with minimal damage. Featuring an oscillating perforated bed the freezer has three freezing zones - receiving, surface freezing and finish freezing - so product colour, shape and texture can be maintained.

The Multi-Freezer concept offers the possibility of freezing different products at the same time.

The design of the OctO-Frost facilitates the adoption of HACCP methodology in the food processing plant with good access for cleaning and all surfaces sloped for efficient drainage of cleaning water. The bedplates can be removed for cleaning outside the freezer. The freezer body is designed as one hermetic unit and there are no joints where bacteria can remain. The freezers also feature non-hygroscopic insulation; reinforcement on corners and openings; and rounded corners for easy cleaning.

The OctO-Frost is equipped with an oversized coil to allow many hours between defrosts which can be effected with water, hot gas or ambient air. During high production an intermediate defrost of the freezer is possible with the time from stop of production to running again as short as 40 minutes.

OctO-Frost requires less fan power than traditional IQF freezers and so requires less power to run the fans and less refrigeration to cool down the fans generating energy savings. The only moving parts in the OctO-Frost are the fans and pneumatic cylinders, the perforated bed is not subject to wear as it is supported by an upward air stream.

The freezing process and program is supervised from the operator's panel. There are ready programs for cool down of the freezer, standby during production, emptying the freezer and defrost, with or without hot gas. Recipes for up to 99 different products can be stored in the OctO-Frost PLC. Important parameters are simultaneously displayed and temperatures are shown in graph and stored for one week.

The freezer is CE certified.

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