The futuristic tech being used in the making of food labels

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Tuesday, 06 February, 2024

The futuristic tech being used in the making of food labels

In the ever-evolving landscape of the food industry, where consumers are increasingly conscious of what they consume, food labels play a crucial role in conveying information about products. Behind the scenes, technology is driving a revolution in the way food labels are created, offering not only enhanced aesthetics but also improving transparency, traceability and communication with consumers. In this article, Action Labels delves into the technologies being used to make food labels and explores how they are shaping the future of food packaging.

QR codes for enhanced information: 

One of the most notable advancements in food labelling technology is the integration of quick response (QR) codes. These small, square codes, when scanned with a smartphone, can unlock a wealth of information about the product. From the sourcing of ingredients to nutritional details, allergen information and even sustainability practices, QR codes provide a platform for brands to communicate directly with consumers, offering a deeper level of transparency. 

Smart labels with IoT (Internet of Things): 

The Internet of Things has made its way into food labelling through smart labels. These labels, equipped with sensors and RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology, enable real-time tracking of a product’s journey from production to consumption. This technology enhances traceability, allowing consumers to access information about the product’s origin, transportation conditions and even expiration status.

Augmented reality (AR) for interactive labels:

Augmented reality is transforming the way consumers interact with food labels. Brands are using AR to create immersive experiences for consumers by overlaying digital information onto physical labels. This technology allows customers to visualise nutritional content or cooking instructions, or even watch videos showcasing the product’s story by simply pointing their smartphones at the label.

Blockchain for supply chain transparency:

Blockchain, a decentralised and secure digital ledger, is being employed to enhance transparency in the food supply chain. By implementing blockchain technology in food labels, consumers can trace the journey of a product right from the farm to the shelf. This is not only designed to ensure the authenticity of claims made on the label but also helps in identifying and addressing any issues in the supply chain quickly.

Colour-changing labels for freshness indication:

Advancements in colour-changing technology are finding applications in food labels, particularly for perishable products. Smart labels equipped with sensors can detect changes in temperature, moisture or gases emitted by the food, causing the label to change colour accordingly. This provides a visual indicator of the freshness of the product, helping consumers make informed decisions about the items they purchase.

Edible packaging and QR codes:

The push for sustainability has led to the development of edible packaging materials, and QR codes are playing a role in this innovation. Edible QR codes can be printed directly onto food items, offering information without the need for additional packaging. This not only reduces waste but also aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions in the food industry.

As technology continues to advance, the landscape of food labels is undergoing a transformation. The integration of QR codes, IoT, AR, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies is not only enhancing the visual appeal of labels but is also revolutionising how information is communicated to consumers. The future of food labels is not just about what’s on the surface but about the dynamic, interactive experiences they can offer, contributing to a more informed and engaged consumer base. As we witness these technological marvels unfold, it’s clear that the journey from farm to table is becoming more transparent and fascinating than ever before.

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