Hyworth Forklifts is changing the game for FMCG suppliers

Hyworth Forklifts
Friday, 09 July, 2021

The challenges of COVID-19 have driven tremendous innovation and led companies to re-evaluate their selling propositions. Sydney’s Hyworth Forklifts took the opportunity to reflect on their customer service, and their refocus has been a game-changer, not just for their business but for customers too.

GM Jonathan Polyblank felt 2020’s rebrand to Hyworth Forklifts (formerly Aussie Forklift Hire) was the right moment to refocus how the company understands and solves its customers’ challenges.

“We’ve been in the business as a forklift provider since 2006, but things are significantly different now, and we are starting to notice a concerning trend in the industry. Forklift dealers are not listening to their customers’ unique situations and rushing the hiring process, which can be detrimental for a first-time customer who needs expert guidance.”

Polyblank recognises the impact of the pandemic, increasing the demand for FMCGs plus presenting unprecedented challenges to the supply chain, coupled with an already surging shift towards online shopping heightened the expectation to manage the movement of goods more efficiently.

“Our customers’ forklift requirements rapidly became more complex than ever before,” Polyblank says. “We recognised a new demand for on-site consultations and tailored equipment recommendations to meet the unique requirements of each customer.”

The team at Hyworth Forklifts inspect each customer’s job site to get a sense of their unique requirements and provide recommendations that are tailored to their warehousing environments.

“We leave the warehouse, travel to their site, and tackle our customers’ problems head-on. We speak their language, in terms they understand,” says Polyblank.

Their re-focus is centred around pairing customers with the ‘perfect match’ forklift for their unique workplace environment.

“We leave their site with confidence that our customers have the right forklift they need to get the job done,” says Polyblank.

Hyworth’s commitment to ensuring all customers walk away with not only their ‘perfect match’, but a thorough understanding of the best way to operate the machinery in their workplace, is setting the benchmark in the food industry.

“We have shifted our approach. We are not your typical forklift dealership with a hard sales team. We take the time to get to know our customers and want to see their business succeed,” says Polyblank.

Recognising that many of their customers are still recovering from the setback of COVID-19, and in the midst of another total lockdown, they know it is critical to give their customers advice that really counts.

As a result, Hyworth has introduced ‘on-site product demonstrations’, where one of their experienced operators will travel to the customer’s workplace and demonstrate the most efficient way to manoeuvre their machinery in their specific environment.

“Our customers don’t need a machine that will just get the job done. They need to understand its capabilities,” says Polyblank.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, FMCGs and workers in the supply chain industry haven’t stopped racing against the clock, and Hyworth recognises these industries don’t just need a machine that will increase their workplace efficiency, they need to know how to use it to its full potential.

“In the midst of a second lockdown, it’s not ok to just hand over a forklift. Some of our customers are first-time forklift operators. We are the experts. We need to provide them with guidance and help our customers boost their workplace productivity,” says Polyblank.

Their renewed approach to customer service is setting an example for others in the industry, with their on-site product demonstrations being an ultimate crowd-pleaser.

“Hyworth Forklifts provided a fantastic service. They spent the time to explain, measure and inform all the possibilities available to me when looking for a walkie reach forklift. They have fantastic machines available but what made me decide to go with them over their peers came down to service. Everyone else seems disinterested in my small business.” Simon Lam, Prochem.

The company's one-of-a-kind guarantee on all hire equipment is making Hyworth ultimately standout from the pack. Providing expert breakdown support within four hours to all of their hire customers, Hyworth’s renewed focus on peace of mind is essential in these uncertain times. In addition, if the team is unable to repair the equipment within 48 hours, they promise to replace the forklift at no additional cost to the customer.

“We called the team at Hyworth Forklifts with a mechanical issue with one of our hire forklifts. In what felt like minutes, a friendly team member had met us on site, repaired the forklift, and had us back up and running in no time.” Carny McKenna, Relax For Life.

“Our customers simply can’t afford the downtime,” Polyblank explains. “For them, this kind of peace of mind is priceless. Moving forward, pandemic or no pandemic, our service guarantee and our on-site evaluations are here to stay.”

To learn more about how Hyworth Forklifts can help your business, visit their website or give the team a call on 1300 HYWORTH (1300 499 678).

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