Creating fashion from slaughterhouse waste

03 August, 2015 by

A student in Switzerland has developed a method for obtaining high-quality fibres from a by-product of slaughterhouse waste.

Beercycling: Danes take recycling, urine and beer to a new level

09 July, 2015 by

Danish music festival goers' urine was collected to make beer for the next concert.

Organic agriculture: sustainable and profitable

23 June, 2015 by

A study has found that organically grown products can be financially competitive with conventionally grown products.

Recycling agricultural waste into food packaging

17 June, 2015 by

Two German companies have partnered to develop an upcycled wheat straw-based packaging solution for the food industry.

Financing first for biogas project

10 June, 2015 by | Supplied by: Quantum Power Limited

A third-party financing structure has been established for a biogas project at a meat processor.

Nestlé moves towards 'zero water' factories

13 May, 2015 by

The Californian drought has prompted Nestlé to invest heavily in technology to reduce water use in its five water bottling plants and four food and petcare product manufacturing facilities.

Microalgae discovery could produce protein-rich pig feed, remediate effluent

11 May, 2015 by

Pigs will eat just about anything - but there could be something new on the porcine menu after researchers discovered several types of microalgae that grow on piggery effluent and can safely be fed back to the pigs.

Thirsty work: report ranks food companies on water management

08 May, 2015 by

There can be no food without water - and, now more than ever, it's vital that major food companies use water sustainably, according to a report from Ceres, a non-profit sustainability advocacy group.

Flexibuster self-contained anaerobic digester

30 April, 2015 by | Supplied by: In2itive Sustainability

The Flexibuster is a self-contained anaerobic digester, designed to process food and organic waste on-site.

Plantic Technologies acquired by Japanese company

15 April, 2015 by | Supplied by: Plantic Technologies Ltd

Bio-based barrier film business Plantic Technologies has been acquired by Japanese company Kuraray.

Hydrothane STP ECSB (external circulation sludge bed)

13 April, 2015 by | Supplied by: Hydroflux Industrial Pty Ltd

The Hydrothane high-rate anaerobic process takes organic content within wastewater and generates green energy. It is a vertical design suitable for a limited space.

Energy White Paper highlights barriers to food manufacturing competitiveness

09 April, 2015 by | Supplied by: Australian Food & Grocery Council

Rising electricity and gas costs have hampered the competitiveness and profitability of the domestic food and grocery manufacturing industry in recent years, with more pain expected due to a forecast tripling of gas prices, AFGC CEO Gary Dawson said.

Solar power and LED lighting a hit for meat facility

27 March, 2015 by | Supplied by: Enhar

At the Tip Top Butchers meat facility in Melbourne, a 202 kW solar PV array and 108 high-bay LED lights were installed in 2013 with grant funding support from the Clean Technology Innovation Program (CTIP).

AWA sets water innovation challenge

23 March, 2015 by | Supplied by: AWA

The Australian Water Association has set the Australian Water Innovation Challenge: entrepreneurs and established companies have been challenged to enter their most innovative water technology solutions in this new competition.

One extra day of shelf life equals 250,000 tonnes of food waste prevented

16 March, 2015 by

Increasing the shelf life of certain foods by just one extra day could prevent around 250,000 tonnes of food going to waste each year, according to British sustainability organisation WRAP.

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