Product-specific cleanrooms: moving away from large cleanrooms to small, local solutions

Yoghurt, bread, sausage, cheese, salads and drinks - more and more products are being filled and packed in sterile environments. Read more »

Drinking-fudge dispenser gives Maxi-yum effect

UK fudge specialist Fudge Kitchen chose the Maxi Dispenser from Rieke Dispensing for the catering version of its highly viscous Drinking Fudge. Read more »

Compressors meet the demand for clean air in dairy processing

Kaeser Compressors has satisfied Tatura Milk Industries' stringent internal benchmarks for air quality in its food-processing operations. Read more »

Featured Products

Suhner UKC 3-R fillet weld grinding and polishing tool
The Suhner UKC 3-R is a tool for stainless fillet weld grinding, cleaning and polishing of food processing equipment.
Aplex APC-3582T ultra-slim IP65 stainless steel waterproof panel PC
The Aplex APC-3582T stainless steel fanless panel PC is sealed to IP65 specifications on five sides. The device combines an Intel At...
Pilz PSENsgate safety gate system
Pilz has released the latest revision of its safety gate system PSENsgate. The safety gate system comes with a range of system types...
Interscience BagPipet automatic pipette
The BagPipet from Interscience is an automatic pipette for reaching into the bottom of blender bags without contaminating the pipett...
QuickLabel Systems Kiaro! 200 wide-width inkjet colour label printer
The QuickLabel Systems Kiaro! 200 wide-width inkjet colour label printer is suitable for the short-run labelling needs of manufactur...
Aplex APC-3991AT fully sealed stainless steel panel PC
The APC-3991AT is a stainless steel, all-in-one computer from Aplex. The product is housed in an IP65 fanless fully sealed 304 or op...
Interroll Multiprofile drum motor coating for conveyor belts
The Multiprofile drum motor coating is so compatible that up to nine different positive drive solid homogenous conveyor belts can be...
Bostwick Consistometer
The Bostwick Consistometer measures the consistency and flow rate for a wide range of viscous materials.
3M Clean-Trace ATP System
The 3M Clean-Trace ATP System offers rapid, simple and reliable solutions for monitoring biological contamination on surfaces in rea...
Hybriscan for Drinks screening kit for spoilage organism species in beverages
The Hybriscan for Drinks kit screens for all major spoilage organism species in beverages.

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