Waste sucks! How vacuum technology can reduce wastewater

In a bid to reduce the amount of wastewater produced in food processing, Fraunhofer UMSICHT has launched the BioSuck project that uses vacuum technology to suction off non-edible waste. The captured waste can be recycled or converted into energy. Read more »

Thousands of tonnes of fake and sub-standard food seized

4000 kg of counterfeit strawberries and 275,000 litres of drinks were only part of the haul of fake and sub-standard food seized in a recent INTERPOL and Europol operation. Read more »

Heat exchanger cuts production time for Tahi Honey

New Zealand producer Tahi Honey needed to speed its cooling process to increase throughput. Installing the HRS Rotex Rotating Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger has reduced production time by four days. Read more »

Featured Products

Busch Mink vacuum pumps
Busch Mink rotary claw vacuum pumps can reduce energy consumption by 25% or more as the non-contacting, friction-free design ensures...
Hose reel washdown with Safe-R-Reel rewind speed control
Reel Tech's stainless steel Safe-R-Reel rewind speed control system reduces the chance of equipment damage and injury due to exc...
Northfield ElastiTag applicator
The Northfield ElastiTag Applicator automates the application of ElastiTag point-of-sale promotional tags onto production lines.
bestUV chemical-free disinfection systems for the food industry
Disinfection using ultraviolet (UV) light is a chemical-free, environmentally friendly and sustainable method for killing pathogens ...
Graco SaniForce drum and bin unloaders
Graco can evacuate up to 99% of the material from containers, without dilution, with the SaniForce drum and bin unloaders. The bins ...
Pilz slimline PSENcode safety switch
Pilz has launched a slimline version of the PSENcode safety switch - suitable for assembly on gates, covers or flaps.
Omni BR4 Mini Bead Mill Homogeniser
The BR4 Mini Bead Mill Homogeniser from Omni offers fast and reproducible nucleic acid and protein extraction with minimal costs and...
Aerofloat system for management and treatment of production wastewater
Aerofloat has developed a system to manage and treat production wastewater from the food industry. The Aerofloat unit is compact, ea...
Strahman Mini M-70LF Series low-flow, water-saving trigger nozzle
The Strahman Mini M-70LF Series from Spray Nozzle Engineering is designed for heavy-duty cleaning in all industrial applications, an...
Bestech SealTick TSE6084 can leak detector
The SealTick TSE6084, manufactured by Bestech Australia, uses a vacuum decay method, providing leak detection and measurement for cy...

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