Avoiding the horsemeat scandal with real-time PCR

When the horsemeat scandal broke in the UK, Primerdesign was contacted by a large meat product manufacturer looking to obtain peace of mind that its supply chain and products were not affected by the adulteration which had occurred. Read more »

Packing beverages to succeed

If you want to sell your product successfully, you have to make it stand out. Read more »

Centralised printing system for seven lines

Maltra Foods needed an automatic, centralised printing system for its seven production lines, to ensure detailed information and delivery accuracy for customers on its continually expanding SKUs. The company wanted a cost-effective, easily expandable solution that removed paperwork, increased productivity and accuracy, and enabled it to deliver on the best possible customer service - now and into the future. Read more »

Featured Products

Romer AgraStrip for Total Milk milk allergen test
Previously, to test for the presence of milk allergens, processors had to decide whether to look for casein or Beta Lactoglobulin as...
Centec Rhotec in-line density monitor
The Rhotec in-line density monitor continuously measures the density of liquids. Centec, a German-based company, designed the Rhotec...
Aplex APC-3593P projected capacitive touch stainless steel panel PC
Interworld Electronics has released the APC-3593P projected capacitive touch stainless steel panel PC from Aplex. The APC-3593P is h...
Arrow Scientific Compact Dry E. coli and Coliforms plates
The Compact Dry E. coli and Coliforms (EC) is a 3rd generation rapid with a number of advantages aside from lowering cost of testing...
Sick DeltaPac MultiTask photoelectric sensor
For higher efficiency and quality in the packaging industry, the DeltaPac MultiTask photoelectric sensor utilises Delta-S-Technology...
Sick DeltaPac photoelectric sensor
Traditionally, it has been necessary to separate packages in order to count or detect them with the aid of photoelectric sensors (fo...
Milmeq V16 Plate Freezer system
The Milmeq V16 Plate Freezer is a system suitable for snap-freezing seafood product. Product is loaded into the freezer cavities by ...
Fusion Fabricated Tanks for liquid storage
Fusion Fabricated Tanks are a complete storage solution for water, chemicals and food and beverages. Designed under strict quality c...
Centec Carbotec-PT inline carbonation monitoring system
Centec's Carbotec-PT inline carbonation monitoring system offers precise, rapid measurement of the carbon dioxide content of car...
Arrow Scientific AgraStrip Crustacea test kit
Arrow Scientific's food allergy range has expanded to include a test kit for the detection of Crustacea. The AgraStrip Crustacea...

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