ViTAM-921 21″ Stainless Steel HMI Panel PC

01 October, 2017 | Interworld Electronics and Computer Industries

The ViTAM-921 21″ Stainless Steel HMI Panel PC is fully sealed to IP66/IP69K standards.

Kraus & Naimer 6S Series Stainless Steel IP66 Enclosures

01 October, 2017 | Kraus & Naimer Pty Ltd

The Kraus & Naimer 6S Series of stainless steel enclosures provide protection for vital switchgear with the same footprint as plastic versions.

Compressed Air Australia EXAIR Cabinet Coolers

01 October, 2017 | Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

EXAIR has a complete line of low-cost Cabinet Coolers that mount in minutes through an ordinary electrical knockout and have no moving parts to wear out.

Bestech Australia Flush Diaphragm Piezo-resistive Pressure Transmitter

01 October, 2017 | Bestech Australia Pty Ltd

Bestech Australia has introduced a Flush Diaphragm Piezo-resistive Pressure Transmitter for the food and beverage industry to monitor pressure and level in pipes, tanks and filters.

Mainca HA-2200 Burger Former

01 October, 2017 | Barnco Sales Pty Ltd

The Mainca HA-2200 is a high-speed automatic forming machine capable of forming anything from meat and vegetable mixes to cookie dough into all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Corona Giken Clean Do Rapid Protein Residue Test

01 September, 2017 | Australasian Medical & Scientific Ltd

Clean Do, from Corona Giken in Japan, is a self-contained swab that provides a colour change reaction in the presence of protein.

Bio-Check Raw Meat FlowThrough adulteration test kits

01 September, 2017 | Australasian Medical & Scientific Ltd

Bio-Check (UK), a specialist test kit developer, has just launched its FlowThrough range in Australia, to make testing raw meats much easier.

WindJet AA727 air nozzles

01 September, 2017 | Spraying Systems Co Pty Ltd

The WindJet AA727 air nozzles generate an efficient and controlled flat fan air pattern for uniform spray distribution which results in produce being able to be dried quicker.

Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution

01 September, 2017 | AAA Packaging Supplies

AAA Packaging Supplies has developed a pallet wrapping solution that is designed to reduce stretch film usage by over 50%.

Thermo Scientific NextGuard X-ray detection system

07 August, 2017 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Physical contaminants such as metal, glass or stone found in food compromise consumer safety and can be damaging to a manufacturer's brand.

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