Keep your eggs safe, whatever the weather

Sunny Queen Meal Solutions

By FoodProcessing Staff
Tuesday, 21 March, 2017

Food safety risks like Salmonella and contamination are a big concern for businesses when there are extreme swings in temperature. With average temperatures across Australia breaking year-on-year records, those in the foodservice industry are urged to do their due diligence and follow proper procedures for handling eggs.

John O’Hara, managing director of Sunny Queen Australia — producer of ready-made egg products under its brand Sunny Queen Meal Solutions — says that even when caterers, meal providers and foodservice organisations are doing everything by the book, it’s important to be confident the products they are serving are from reputable sources with stringent food safety procedures in place.

Sunny Queen Meal Solutions products offer the option for customers to switch from shell egg to a fully cooked, fully tested egg product, to eliminate the risk of bacteria like Salmonella or Listeria that can come from raw food.

O’Hara recommends all customers become aware of how their eggs and egg products are handled, and shares his tips for egg safety:

  • Do your research and find out where your eggs are coming from, and how they’re handled from farm to table. Proper handling of eggs and egg productions can help prevent the spread of Salmonella.
  • Ensure all shelled eggs, once cracked, are fully cooked before consumption.
  • Make sure your hands and work surface are properly sanitised before and after handling eggs and egg products.
  • Use pasteurised egg pulp for sauces, batters, custards and other uncooked egg products.
  • Keep an eye on best before dates and store eggs below 5°C.
  • Check for cracked or dirty eggs, and discard. Eggs tainted by dirt and cracked can lead to health issues like Salmonella.
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