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Tuesday, 18 April, 2017

Exhibitor         Stand Number Venue Level

3M       W42    Level 1

A & D Weighing         U45     Level 1

AAAT - DST Dryers  P53      Level 1

ABB Australia            Q34     Level 1

AccuWeigh AccuPak  O34     Level 1

ACO Polycrete           R15     Level 1

ADM Australia            X16     Level 1

Aerofloat         P12      Level 1

Agilent Technologies Australia           Y52     Level 1

Aglive Group  SC8     Level 1

Agrifood Technology Y50     Level 1

AIFST & Food Australia        W46    Level 1

Air Liquide Australia  B62     Level 4

AKA Cleaning Machines        P51      Level 1

Alchemy Agencies      Y12     Level 1

All Pumps Sales & Service     U39     Level 1

ALS    W40    Level 1

Alsco   X29     Level 1

AMSL W61    Level 1

Amyl Media    Y57     Level 1

APC Technology        P7        Level 1

Argus  A50     Level 4

Armfield - Emona Instruments           Y30     Level 1

Arrow Scientific         Y46     Level 1

Asafe Australasia        P57      Level 1

Assa Abloy Entrance Systems            R30     Level 1

Australian Botanical Products            X3       Level 1

Australian Vinegar      Y22     Level 1

Australian Wrapping Company          N51     Level 4

AustralWest    J61       Level 4

Axieo  W16    Level 1

B & B Food Pak         O30     Level 4

Barnco Sales   A36     Level 4

Barrier Pack Co           T52      Level 1

BASF Australia          W31    Level 1

Bastion Pacific            Y36     Level 1

Beijing Xinmei International Exhibition         T52, T58 and U61       Level 1

Biomerieux Australia  W54    Level 1

Bio-Rad Laboratories X53     Level 1

biosteam          P37      Level 1

Biotec Solutions Aust B60     Level 4

Biotech Laboratories   U41     Level 1

Biotechnic       P49      Level 1

Blucher Australia        W34    Level 1

BMP Doors Australia S49      Level 1

BOC    A9       Level 4

Brendma (Australia)   A14     Level 4

Brenntag         U18     Level 1

Bruker Y60     Level 1

Bulk Handling Australia Group          O20     Level 4

Bunzl Food Processor Supplies          N61     Level 4

Burkert Fluid Control Systems           Q46     Level 1

CAPS Australia          P52      Level 1

Carmi Flavors and Fragrance  V16     Level 1

CBS Foodtech            C13 and E14   Level 4

CBS Foodtech            U16     Level 1

Cell Biosciences          Y54     Level 1

Chadderton Food Safety        SC5     Level 1

Chart Industries          A47     Level 4

Chemiplas Australia    W24    Level 1

Chinese Chamber Of Commerce For Import & Export Of Medicines & Health Products    Y4       Level 1

Clear Facilities            R62     Level 1

CMC Technologies     P19      Level 1

Cold Logic      W29    Level 1

Coldshield       P46      Level 1

Columbit         E30      Level 4

Columbit Foods          U23     Level 1

Confoil            D35     Level 4

Connell Bros Company           X24     Level 1

Contech Engineering  L42      Level 4

Coolsan Australia        P9        Level 1

CPS     M48     Level 4

CRC Industries           R58     Level 1

Cromarty         P39      Level 1

Crown Company (Soya Protein & Collagen Casing) T58      Level 1

csb-engineering-ag      O44     Level 4

CSIRO            X62     Level 1

CST Wastewater Solutions     S9        Level 1

Cuddon Freeze Dry    B50     Level 4

Dairy Industry Association of Australia         O36     Level 4

Dalsorb            T49      Level 1

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science      X52     Level 1

Devro  C3       Level 4

Donaldson Australasia            Y41     Level 4

DTS Food Laboratories          W58    Level 1

ECAS4            W50    Level 1

Eco Pallets      P1        Level 1

Edwards Group          X47     Level 1

ELISA Systems          Y40     Level 1

Elta Fans Applied Technology           Q52     Level 1

Emrich Industries        G55     Level 4

Emura Food Machine O24     Level 4

Endress & Hauser       T9        Level 1

Ennio International     E42      Level 4

Epson Australia           G63     Level 4

Eriez Magnetics          S11      Level 1

Euro Pumps Engineering        P33      Level 1

Evolve Scientfic Recruitment Y61     Level 1

Extreme Packaging Solutions i55       Level 4

Fallsdell Machinery     D29     Level 4

FDPI Spares & Maintenance  Q16     Level 1

Fine Pack        D33     Level 4

Flavorjen         X20     Level 1

Fleming Chillers          P61      Level 1

Flexco Q30     Level 1

Flexopack        N19     Level 4

Flick-Anticimex          P59      Level 1

Flowcrete Australia     Q42     Level 1

Fluid Dynamics           X34     Level 1

FMCG Industry Solutions      R56     Level 1

Focus Trading L61      Level 4

Food & Beverage Industry News       Y10     Level 1

Food & Drink Business          X30     Level 1

Food Automation       J55       Level 4

Food Pro         K42     Level 4

Food Processing Equipment   i3         Level 4

Foodcare         R3       Level 1

Forbo Siegling L58      Level 4

Fuchs Lubricants         T45      Level 1

Fusion Y29     Level 1

Gates Australia           A57     Level 4

GELITA Australia      V24     Level 1

Giura Group    C58     Level 4

Global Machinery & Supplies Australasia      C29     Level 4

Globus Group E3        Level 4

Gold Peg International           L46      Level 4

Gordon Brothers Industries    P10      Level 1

Graintec Scientific      V62     Level 1

Hales Australia            P25      Level 1

Hanna Instruments      X41     Level 1

Hastings Data Loggers           R9       Level 1

Hawkins Watts           V4       Level 1

HBM Packaging Technologies           E23      Level 4

HB-Technik Asia Pacific        Y32     Level 1

Heat and Control        i41       Level 4

HEPWORTHS           S45      Level 1

Highgate Group          A56     Level 4

Hipex  S29      Level 1

Honeywell       V46     Level 1

HRS Heat Exchangers            T16      Level 1

Hurll Nu-Way T7        Level 1

Hychem International P5        Level 1

Hydroflux Industrial   Q40     Level 1

Ibex Australia Y34     Level 1

IFM EFECTOR          W30    Level 1

IMCD Australia          U3       Level 1

iMove  A47     Level 4

Informationleader.com           W35    Level 1

Ingredion ANZ           X4       Level 1

Innovative Meat Processing Equipment         A4       Level 4

Inox - Australia           S15      Level 1

Inpact Innovation       SC7     Level 1

Inspection Systems     i11       Level 4

INTERFIBRE LTD    U13     Level 1

Interfood Group         A29     Level 4

Intralox           i49       Level 4

ITW Zip-Pak Australia           B52     Level 4

Ixom    X10     Level 1

J.L. Lennard    B42     Level 4

Jarvis ANZ      M17     Level 4

Jaymak Australia         V58     Level 1

JMP Engineering         E25      Level 4

John Bean Technologies         J22       Level 4

John Morris Group      X55     Level 1

John Thompson           P21      Level 1

Johnson Screens          R55     Level 1

Key Technology          E4        Level 4

Kiel Industries            P16      Level 1

Kockums Bulk Systems          E56      Level 4

Krohne            Y58     Level 1

KUKA Robotics Australia     P24      Level 1

Label Power    C62     Level 4

Lafert Electric Motors (Aust) Y33     Level 1

Lagarde Autoclaves    D60     Level 4

Linco Food Systems   G49     Level 4

M.T.I. See thru            P4        Level 1

Machine Knives Australia       O40     Level 4

Major Engineering      T62      Level 1

Marel Australia           i19       Level 4

Matrix Process Solutions        R24     Level 1

Matthews Australasia N23     Level 4

McLaren Stainless       M29     Level 4

Meat Processing Services        C58     Level 4

Meat Processing Supplies       A42     Level 4

Meat Processors Group           W37A Level 1

MEFE-FREUND Australia    M61     Level 4

Mérieux Nutrisciences            V61     Level 1

Mettler Toledo            D50     Level 4

Millsom Materials Handling   P42      Level 1

Milmeq            H55     Level 4

Minipack International            K22     Level 4

Minus 40         R11     Level 1

MM Kembla    Q33     Level 1

Moda   M29     Level 4

Moffat J17       Level 4

Moguntia Food           W10    Level 1

MPI Australia J18       Level 4

MTA Australasia         P43      Level 1

Multivac Australia      i30       Level 4

MUN Australia           U60     Level 1

Munters           P15      Level 1

Nano Bubble Technologies     A4       Level 4

National Weighing and Instruments   O46     Level 4

Naturex Australia        V10     Level 1

Newly Weds Foods    W26    Level 1

Next Instruments        X61     Level 1

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS     S17      Level 1

Nu-Mega Ingredients  Y16     Level 1

Nutradry         U9       Level 1

O’Brien Boiler Services           R34     Level 1

OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions    A53     Level 4

Omron Electronics      S4        Level 1

Oomiak Refrigeration P29      Level 1

Orbit Cleaning Services Australia       T61      Level 1

Osborne Richardson   Q20     Level 1

Ozkor  W29A Level 1

Pac Food         A3       Level 4

Pacific Food Machinery          J4         Level 4

Pall Australia   S5        Level 1

PAQ-IT           O26     Level 4

Paravian Consulting Services  SC3     Level 1

Partech Inc      V50     Level 1

Pathtech          Y51     Level 1

PCM Group Australia P23      Level 1

Peacock Bros  i61       Level 4

Pentair Flow Technologies Pacific      X33     Level 1

Perfect Automation    i17       Level 4

PerkinElmer    Y49     Level 1

Perten Instruments      W53    Level 1

PharmEquip    P31      Level 1

Pigo Srl           A27     Level 4

Preserve Wrap C61     Level 4

Procon Australia         S62      Level 1

Procut Australia          D42     Level 4

ProMinent       Q29     Level 1

Propac Industrial         C48     Level 4

Propharma Australia   U11     Level 1

Proseal Australia         N59     Level 4

PT Associates-Marchant Schmidt       G62     Level 4

Pump Engineers (Australia)    S33      Level 1

Qingdao Haoyu Packing Co Ltd        T52      Level 1

QT9 Software by AssistUs     SC11   Level 1

Reactive Engineering  M3       Level 4

Redox U10     Level 1

Rentokil Initial            R40     Level 1

Result Group of Companies   C54     Level 4

Rexnord Australia       O48     Level 4

Rhima Australia          S24      Level 1

Riverina Oils   X26     Level 1

RMR Process  S56      Level 1

Robotic Automation   A30     Level 4

Rollex Australia          C42     Level 4

Rowe Scientific          Y45     Level 1

Roxset Health & Safety          S3        Level 1

Rydell Beltech            D56     Level 4

Sammode Lighting Australasia           P35      Level 1

Sanderson Australia    W62    Level 1

Sandvik Process Systems        H62     Level 4

Sanita Work Shoes      V52     Level 1

Saraya Australia          R46     Level 1

Savannah         Y8       Level 1

Schur Star Systems     D61     Level 4

Sciex   X58     Level 1

Scott Automation & Robotics            E9        Level 4

Sealed Air Food Care G30     Level 4

Select Equip    J50       Level 4

Shanghai Chuangfa Material  T52      Level 1

Shanghai One-Stop Engineering Co Ltd        T52      Level 1

SHIMADZU  Y48     Level 1

Shunling Refrigeration Kitchenware Equipment Factory      T52      Level 1

Silikal Australia           R50     Level 1

Smo-King Ovens        G41     Level 4

Sonic Food and Water            U41     Level 1

Sopura Australia         T18      Level 1

Source Certain            SC4     Level 1

Southern Engineering Solutions         C58     Level 4

Spanset Australia        T53      Level 1

Sphere Foods  Y26     Level 1

Spray Nozzle Engineering      Q10     Level 1

Spraying Systems        R19     Level 1

SPXFLOW     L50      Level 4

Stainless Tanks & Mix            W39    Level 1

Statewide Bearings     X39     Level 1

Summit Machinery      L56      Level 4

Superior Pump Technologies  P11      Level 1

Surecove/Stainless Drains       Q18     Level 1

Suzhou Hundred Machinery   T52      Level 1

Suzhou Tipack Co Ltd            U61     Level 1

Sweepers Australia     Q62     Level 1

Symbio Laboratories   Y38     Level 1

Symetec          J42       Level 4

TABASCO  V20     Level 1

Techniques Incorporated        W9      Level 1

Techstaff         X46     Level 1

Temperature Technology        X45     Level 1

Tennant Australia        S46      Level 1

Teralba Industries       W55    Level 1

Test Strips Online       V56     Level 1

The Directus Group    A22     Level 4

The Le Mac Australia Group  K61     Level 4

The University of Melbourne  SC6     Level 4

Themasorb       O54     Level 4

Thermo Fisher Scientific         V40     Level 1

Thompson Meat Machinery    L29      Level 4

Thornhill Australia      Q60     Level 1

Thriving Enterprises    B30     Level 4

Total Construction      S40      Level 1

Trimatt Systems          N60     Level 4

Triton Commercial Systems    G45     Level 4

Tronics            N3       Level 4

Trumps            V19     Level 1

Tsubaki Australia        P47      Level 1

ULMA Packaging Australia   E17      Level 4

Ungerer Australia        W11    Level 1

Unitherm Food Systems         E48      Level 4

Universal Robots        H61     Level 4

Utien Pack      H45     Level 4

Varavoot Industry Co Y24     Level 1

Vaughan Constructions          R23     Level 1

Vega Australia            W37    Level 1

Vemag Australia         G3       Level 4

Vibration Systems       A52     Level 4

Viscon Australia         T46      Level 1

VisoTec Pumpen-u      Q61     Level 1

Visy Technology Systems       A12     Level 4

W & P Reedy  D47     Level 4

Walls Machinery         N41     Level 4

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group      Q12     Level 1

Wave Industries          Y62     Level 1

Wells Hygiene P40      Level 1

Wesmartin       F62      Level 4

What's New in Food Technology & Manufacturing magazine  P20      Level 1

Wiley   Q4       Level 1

Wilmar BioEthanol     V17     Level 1

Worldwide Coding Solutions L62      Level 4

Xylem P30      Level 1

Zhejiang Ribon Intelligent Equipment           T58      Level 1

Zhucheng Jinding Food Machinery    T52      Level 1

Zhucheng Xinxudong Machinery Co Ltd      T58      Level 1

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