Sick ColorRanger E high-speed 3D camera

Friday, 26 August, 2011 | Supplied by: SICK Pty Ltd

Phone: 03 334 802

3D imaging is ideal where height, shape or volume is of importance for the production process. However, to make a complete quality or grading decision, it is often necessary to also consider the colour of the parts produced. This is, for instance, common in grading of fruits and vegetables, shape and baking degree verification of baked goods, and fill level and colour verification in beverages. By considering both 3D and colour aspects, more reliable decisions can be made which improve the product quality and reduce waste.

Sick is introducing the ColorRanger E, a high-speed 3D camera with high-quality colour capability. By measuring both the 3D shape and the colour of parts, more reliable decisions can be made to allow production plants to improve their uptime, throughput and product quality. The ColorRanger E replaces the need for several different cameras for the same task, which reduces the solution cost and complexity.

ColorRanger combines the functionality of a 3D camera and a line-scan colour camera. With Sick’s MultiScan technology, the camera can be configured to provide several measurements at the same time, such as 3D shape, laser scatter, colour and monochrome, according to the exact need of each specific application. Hence, one ColorRanger can replace several other cameras, which reduces the system size as well as the cost of hardware, integration and maintenance. In addition, since the different measurements come from the same camera system, it is easier to make data fusion and combined data analysis.

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