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VWR International Pty Ltd

VWR International Pty Ltd, formerly Quantum Scientific and Crown Scientific, is committed to providing the best products with the best service within the scientific community. Our product line covers a broad range and we are able to supply the requirements of today’s scientist from basic laboratory consumables, chemicals and equipment through to advanced technology including leading-edge imaging solutions, instrumentation, kits and reagents.

Phone: 1300 727 696
Fax: 1300 135 123
Level 1, Unit 1a/60 Enterprise Place , Tingalpa QLD 4173 (Directions)


VWR Hygiene Mats

VWR Hygiene Mats are ergonomic mats for the food and beverage industry.

Ebro EBI 330 single-use transport data loggers

VWR International has available Ebro Single Use EBI 330 data loggers for monitoring the temperature of food and other temperature-critical products during transportation.

VWR International SAS (Surface Air System) portable microbiological air samplers

VWR International has introduced the SAS (Surface Air System) portable microbiological air samplers. The SAS is an open system and can be used with 60 or 90 mm petri dishes.

Megazyme International carbohydrates and dietary fibre assay kits

Megazyme International carbohydrates and dietary fibre assay kits can be used to assay the available carbohydrates in grains, fruit and vegetables, cereal and fruit products and foods. The kits are particularly useful for the analysis of samples containing resistant starch (specifically RS2 and RS3).

VWR PureStep adhesive-coated mat

The PureStep adhesive-coated mat removes dirt and dust from foot traffic and wheels prior to entry into critical manufacturing environments. A consistent coat weight of adhesive produces a higher performing mat without excessive tack issues.

VWR International Benchtop Chillers

Designed to maximise bench space without compromising cooling and pumping power, the VWR Benchtop Chillers offer up to 1290 W of cooling at 20°C, making them suitable for use with rotary evaporators, jacketed incubators, spectrophotometers, chromatography columns and other devices that require robust heat removal.

VWR UV-6300PC double beam spectrophotometer

The VWR UV-6300PC spectrophotometer has a double beam design consisting of two detectors, measuring a sample and reference cell simultaneously for optimised measurement accuracy.

Megazyme International brewing kits and reagents

VWR International is distributing Megazyme International brewing kits and reagents.

VWR Custom BioGenic Systems Isothermal Carousel Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Storage System

VWR International has available the Custom BioGenic Systems Isothermal Carousel Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Storage System, which combines the -190°C isothermal design with a small opening and an interior rotating carousel.

VWR Ultra and High Speed Centrifuges

VWR Australia has extended its VWR Collection range with the VWR Ultra and High Speed Centrifuges. The centrifuges are easy to use and have a range of protective features.

Tomy SX series of autoclaves

The Tomy SX series of autoclaves is available from VWR International. Available in 30, 50 and 70 L, the portable units do not require plumbing for water supply.

Panasonic incubator and freezer range

VWR International is the Australian distributor of the Panasonic MCO-19AIC incubator. The company also distributes a range of Panasonic biomedical freezers.

BDH Prolabo solvents for gas chromatography

BDH offers a selection of solvents for gas chromatography and other chromatographic applications used in food and beverage analysis.

Fungilab viscometer series

The Fungilab viscometer series has updates such as a touch keyboard, which provides an easy handle. It also includes updated software that provides more accurate analysis of samples.

VWR carboy fluid-handling system

The VWR carboy is an advanced fluid-handling system. The ergonomically designed carboy and versatile cap technology provide the user with an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean system.

BDH Prolabo chemical range

BDH Prolabo chemicals are available through VWR International.

VWR International disposable transfer pipette range

VWR International has a range of disposable transfer pipettes available. They are suitable for transferring or dispensing liquids quickly and safely in laboratories.

Megazyme International wine test kits and reagents

Megazyme International wine test kits and reagents are available through VWR International. The kits allow numerous analyses to be performed in order to determine the quality, stability and authenticity of wine after fermentation is complete.

VWR spectrophotometers

VWR spectrophotometers are reliable, robust and easy-to-use instruments with a range of accessories for tailoring different laboratories’ needs. They are suitable for advanced measurements and quality control.

Analytical and top-loading balances

The Shimadzu electronic balance range includes top-loading balances, analytical balances, semi-micro and micro balances, high precision platform balances and various application balances.



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