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  • Blooming chocolate
    Even chocolate products can lose their gloss after a certain amount of storage time has passed and develop 'bloom' - a creamy grey/white patina. Now, armed with sophisticated analysis, companies can effectively protect their products from developing this unaesthetic coating or bloom.
  • Heat-resistant chocolate for hot summer days
    Researchers in the University of Guelph's Department of Food Science are developing heat-resistant chocolate.
  • Sustainability in the confectionery industry
    At the same time as the international confectionery industry is confronting the rising costs of energy and raw materials, consumers are demanding sustainably produced confectionery products.
  • Chocolate Indians
    India is presenting great opportunities for chocolate manufacturers as the growth in this market is the strongest in the world.
  • Easy to sanitise - the best way to ensure cleanliness
    The highest level of sophistication in production processes is required for the manufacture of confectionery products. In particular, manufacturers assign the highest priority to hygienic design for open processes - processes where the product comes into contact with the production equipment. Machines designed in a way that improves process safety and product shelf life are given preference.
  • Sustainable, multisensory and white - the latest confectionery packaging trends
    The latest trends in confectionery packaging include new colour choices, sustainability and multisensory effects; and they can all be seen at ProSweets Cologne.
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  • Safety in chocolate
    Like many companies today, Crest Chocolates must adhere to the strict safety policies and guidelines outlined in the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 and Australian Standard AS 4024.1-1996
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  • Baker Perkins automated confectionery cooking and depositing system
    Baker Perkins has upgraded its product range to enable complete automation of cooking and depositing systems for confectionery.
  • Lothar A. Wolf Spezialmaschinen chocolate enrobing and tempering equipment
    The Lothar A. Wolf Spezialmaschinen product range includes chocolate tempering machines, chocolate enrobers, belt coaters (panning), chocolate decorating equipment, nut kernelling equipment and a pre-used confectionery equipment program.
  • Baker Perkins ServoForm soft confectionery depositor
    The Baker Perkins ServoForm soft confectionery depositor is designed to make centre-filled toffees, fondants and fudges. The depositor can one-shot deposit soft centres such as jam, cream, jelly, chocolate, praline and fruit paste, potentially adding value and variety to users’ product ranges.
  • Baker Perkins ServoForm lollipop depositors
    Baker Perkins has extended its range with ServoForm depositing technology for shaped and embossed lollipops.
  • Baker Perkins Microfilm confectionery cooker
    Energy-saving technology enhancing the efficiency of the Baker Perkins Microfilm confectionery cooker has been introduced by Baker Perkins. Optional features reduce energy consumption by reclaiming process heat that would otherwise be wasted.
  • Baker Perkins ServoForm Gemini Plus triple-headed depositor
    Baker Perkins has developed a range of high-value soft confectionery products using a multiheaded ServoForm depositing system - toffee cups, complete with different fillings, toppings and/or inclusions.
  • Baker Perkins ServoForm Gemini Plus lollypop depositor
    The Baker Perkins ServoForm Gemini Plus is a triple-headed depositor for ‘long-term’, three-layered products with a ‘sandwich’ appearance. It is a development of the Gemini twin-headed unit used for two-component ‘long term’ layered confectionery.
  • Baker Perkins ServoForm lollipop depositors
    Improvements in lollipop depositing are being introduced by Baker Perkins. The piece weight range has been increased to between 9 and 31 g, and totally spherical ball lollipops can now be produced.
  • ChocoMa E220 chocolate enrober and moulding machine
    The ChocoMa E220 enables chocolatiers to enrobe or bottom coat pralines, bars, biscuits, cakes and pastries.
  • Process Systems Services PSS industrial inline cooling tunnel
    Process Systems Services’ PSS industrial inline cooling tunnel can be used for chocolate production and is also suitable for a range of confectionery or other food products.
  • Fruit snacks and bars cooking process
    The Baker Perkins ServoGel Natural cooking and depositing process can be used to produce a range of 100% fruit snacks and bars. Deposited fruit snacks can be marketed as bite-size pieces or bars, and are made from a variety of fruit sources, including paste, puree, pulp, juice/juice concentrate, peel and dried fruit.
  • Coextrusion system
    The target group for the two-lane coextrusion system from Handtmann Maschinenfabrik are producers of convenience products.
  • Bar forming
    Bosch Packaging Technology offers one-stop, customised solutions for the production of confectionery, muesli and cereal bars. The Contiline bar forming system brings advances to the forming, cooling, fanning-out, cutting and coating of bars.
  • Sugar-free confectionery
    When consumers were asked at the point of sale why they buy sugar-free lollies, health at 77% and taste at 67% were the main reasons by far. This demonstrates that sugar-free confectioneries have a convincing profile in terms of both nutrition and taste and as such offer the opportunity to align indulgence with a health lifestyle.
  • Slow-release flavours for confectionery
    LycoRed has launched a line of slow-release ingredients that may help confectioners retain taste for longer. Chewing gum and chewy lollies ordinarily maintain their good taste for less than 5 mins. LycoRed’s slow-release technologies prolong flavour release, improving the marketability of gums and lollies.
  • Confectionary expansion
    Baker Perkins has introduced a range of processes, equipment and end products, incorporating natural elements such as fruit, which enable confectionary, snack and cereal companies to produce health and indulgence ranges alongside traditional products.
  • Cocoa bean winnower
    In cocoa and chocolate manufacture, the dehulling of cocoa beans and preventing nib loss is an important step in order to ensure maximum yield. An optimally functioning dehulling plant ensures clean separation of the nibs and shell.
  • Small-scale cocoa bean winnower
    Bottom Line Technologies has built a small-scale winnower and the first system is being installed at The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The winnower is suitable for artisan chocolate makers or for R&D.
  • Shaft seals for problem sugar processes
    MECO custom shaft seals keep things cooler than packed glands by absorbing shaft runout and keeping product out of the seal cavity.
  • Confectionery cooker
    APV Baker's Microfilm confectionery cooker has been upgraded to provide more production flexibility and ease of operation. The cookers are for sugar and sugar-free high boiled and hard candies, including those with the addition of milk and cream.
  • Ultrasonic snack bar guillotine
    Production Techniques (PTL) designs and manufactures a large range of chocolate processing and bar manufacturing equipment. As an extension of this range, the company has designed a highly effective ultrasonic guillotine for use in nutritional, muesli, cereal and protein bar manufacturing, bakery, licorice and cakes. The guillotines can also be used with almost any food product that can be cut ie, fish, cheese, dried fruit, etc, regardless of how sticky it is.
  • Confectionery moulds
    A mould service package - from new design to refurbishment - has been developed by APV Baker to support its 400 depositing plants at work throughout the world.
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  • Spray Dynamics automatic Belt Coater
    Manufacturers can quickly and uniformly apply chocolate, yoghurt and sugar solutions to nuts, fruits, candy cores, cereals and other products with the Spray Dynamics automatic Belt Coater.
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  • Confectionery manufacturer enters voluntary administration
    Melbourne confectionery manufacturer Betta Foods has appointed chartered accounting firm Cor Cordis as voluntary administrators. However, the administrators stress that it's business as usual for the company.
  • $52m Mars upgrade supported by government
    Ai Group has welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement of support for the $52 million expansion of the Mars confectionery plant in Ballarat.
  • Chewing for calcium
    The Wrigley Company has launched EXTRA Professional Calcium - a sugar-free gum that has been endorsed by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) to be fortified with calcium. Chewing just two pieces of the gum for 20 minutes is claimed to achieve 10% of the recommended dietary intake (RDI) of calcium.
  • Mints line for Asquith factory
    The Wrigley’s factory in Asquith, NSW, has launched a new production line for Eclipse mints. After 5 years of profitable growth in the mint industry, the company has introduced the line to produce the mints exclusively for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
  • Cadbury NZ returns to cocoa butter-only recipe
    Cadbury New Zealand is removing palm oil from its Dairy Milk chocolate and returning to its previous recipe in response to consumer feedback.
  • ConBiz 2006 to focus on leadership issues
    Creative leadership for confectioners is the theme for ConBiz 2006, the annual business forum of the Confectionery Manufacturers of Australasia (CMA).
  • Cholesterol-lowering hot-fudge sundae
    Tim Carr, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln nutrition scientist, has developed a compound that packs more cholesterol-lowering power than similar commercially available plant-based food additives and should be easier to incorporate into foods.
  • Solution to sugar bloom
    UK-based freezing specialist Asymptote has discovered a technique to prevent sugar bloom from spoiling food products.
  • Confectionery forum
    The confectionery industry's annual convention, hosted by the Confectionery Manufacturers of Australasia (CMA) will take on a new identity this year as it takes on a new role in the mix of CMA events. The annual convention that has been known as ConSnack since 1998 will be formally rebranded as ConBiz and will provide a more focused forum for senior management and industry leaders in the Australasian confectionery industry.
  • ConFectioNZ 2007: Time to work on the business
    ConFectioNZ 2007, the annual conference of the New Zealand Branch of the Confectionery Manufacturers of Australasia (CMA), will be hosted at the Millennium Resort, Rotorua, in New Zealand, 8–10 March, 2007.
  • New research for 'next-generation' snack foods
    Next-generation snack foods with taste appeal and specific health benefits are the first target of a new $18.4 million six-year research program.
  • Chocolate Centre of Excellence opens in Switzerland
    Nestlé has announced the establishment of the Chocolate Centre of Excellence, the company’s first R&D facility entirely dedicated to the development of premium and luxury chocolate.
  • Confectionery industry trends
    Indulgence and health trends are driving new confectionery product development, as confectionery companies target consumer demands for healthier pleasure. An analysis of 325 new confectionery products launched in January and February 2006 tracked by the Innova Database found that indulgent and premium (59 launches) and novel and fun (102) still scored highest in terms of new product launch positioning. News that Nestlé is looking to the inspiration of a chef for a new line of flavoured chocolates to be launched later this year indicates the giants know all too well that the primary aim of confectionery remains indulgence. Nestlé will use Spanish chef Ferran Adria to help boost sales of its Cailler brand of chocolate bars in Switzerland.
  • ConFectioNZ 2006 : Anticipating trends and delivering solutions for the confectionery industry
    ConFectioNZ 2006, the Confectionery Manufacturers of Australasia's (CMA) annual New Zealand conference, will be held at the Wairakei Resort, Taupo on 10 and 11 March 2006.
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  • Chocolatier demands a smooth production line
    At the Zotter Schokoladen factory in Southeast Austria, smooth operation ensures top-quality final product. Reliable drive systems are therefore vital, and the facility relies on geared motors from NORD Drivesystems for conveying, mixing and pumping tasks.
  • Upgrade improves throughput, accuracy and quality
    Introducing Ishida equipment has paid off for throat lozenge manufacturer Ricola AG, reducing product breakage during packaging, increasing throughput and minimising giveaway.
  • Replacing gear pumps at a chocolate factory
    Watson-Marlow Masosine MR and SPS series positive displacement pumps have been installed at the factory of UK chocolate and confectionery specialist, Kinnerton. The first Masosine pump was introduced to replace a gear pump that was damaging product on an Easter egg production line, with a second model acquired recently to support a newly installed caramel production line.
  • Magnetic filters keep chocolate iron free
    Large European chocolate producers are using double-walled magnetic filters from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems to remove very fine iron particles (from 25 mhu) from liquid chocolate
  • Effluent discharge at chocolate factory
    RS Hydro has been granted a contract to install MCERTS approved flow monitoring equipment at a chocolate factory
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