Posted: 15 March 2006  |  Supplied by: Propac Industrial Pty Ltd

Resealable pouches

Phone: 02 9674 9261

Propac Industrial and Zip-Pak have introduced the first Australian-made Zip-Pak slider system.

The Propac vertical/form/fill/seal (VFFS) model 90-D machine produces resealable Standa pouches with consumer-preferred slider zips.

The pouch is a large, resealable bottom-gusseted bag with a flat instead of curved base, suitable for larger packages.

Designed for packages up to 300 mm wide and 450 mm tall and carrying from 500 g to 5 kg, the package can be used as a platform for marketing graphics and brand messaging for products sold in the large-size pouch.

Standa pouches have full-mouth openings and slider zippers at the top for easy access to contents.

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